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It’s so refreshing to walk into a bakery that you don’t have to worry about anything having gluten in it. Having Celiac Disease really is a struggle while trying to find safe baked goods and these guys nailed it! We got a sheet of peanut butter brownies, the chocolate chip peanut butter cupcake, french bread and a lemon bar. ALL to die for!
– Rachel M.

Sweet Rewards provides something no one else does. Gluten free, dairy free baked goods. I love to bake, and do, but there is something wonderful about going in with my kids (all three of us keep gluten and dairy free) into the store and letting them pick out anything they want, instead of saying here’s the two options. The red velvet is my son’s favorite, and the lemon bars are wonderful! We’ve taken cupcakes to gatherings, bought them for birthdays and had them “just because” and I look forward to stopping by again and again.
– Megan D.

Great place! I ordered a cake for my daughters birthday and it turned out great!! I love that Des Moines has a bakery that is gluten and diary free!
– Brittany E.

The cupcakes are a delight – the yummy flavors available are endless. I happened to taste the cupcakes in Lemon, Red Velvet & Chocolate Chip varieties – oh! cupcake heaven. I was pleasantly surprised or I must say shocked when I realized that these were gluten & dairy free!! As a “foodie” when there are morsels like these to be enjoyed by people who are intolerant to gluten & dairy, I must say they aren’t missing much in life!!
– Ganeshram, Bangalore, India

I know many friends who follow gluten-free diets and how they miss so many of the sweets they used to eat. I’m so excited to tell them how delicious everything is from Sweet Rewards Bakery – especially the peanut butter cookies! YUM!
– Wendy, West Des Moines

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